The role of Twitter in marketing is to reach business audiences in B2B and B2C areas a lot easier than with any other social channel. 

Twitter marketing services help to:

  • Connect with the media personas, vloggers and platform users to facilitate the promotion of business services or goods,
  • Get a massive media coverage in minutes,
  • Promote client’s content, get traffic to business’ website or drive iOS and Android app installs,
  • Get more engaged followers on Twitter business page,
  • Build relevant and effective targeting audiences using keyword and location tracking, and mobile device detection.

Why choose us

Historically Twitter has two popular methods of advertising — text ads and display ads. Text ads are what you would normally see using Google Adwords or even most Twitter Ads — just next. Looks simple? The most people who sent us a request thought in the same way, but something had went wrong before.

Our team has the great expertise in the latest Twitter marketing trends and specifics that allows us to:

Create the optimal marketing and PPC strategy.

Choose the correct location, gender, interests, devices and other targeting parameters that do not waste marketing budget.

Maintain high quality of leads. We permanently monitor the progress and correct audiences and interests to keep Twitter’s leads quality on a high level.

Lets Talk

Our Twitter marketing agency is always one step ahead in the implementation of clients’ business ideas. If you’d like to start the journey right now – shoot us on the form below. We will explore the business case and offer the blueprint of the new effective marketing strategy for a company’s Twitter business account.